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CONTEC Kettenschloss NeoLoc

CONTEC Chain Link NeoLoc

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5,0 mm


100 cm


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  • 4250311338422
Product information "CONTEC Chain Link NeoLoc"
Yes, a lock in the CONTEC Neo colours or in coolgrey is always beautiful. But the "NeoLoc" chain lock not only catches the eye with its stylish design, but also serves its purpose wonderfully: It reliably protects the bicycle from theft. The user of the lock benefits from 2 turn-keys, which protect against picking and are also practical to use.

The lock is encased in environmentally friendly silicone, which keeps its cool appearance and protects the bike from damage for a long time. The robust nylon case also ensures that the frame does not get scratched.
Technical data
Design: chain lock
Locking type: key
Safety: high
Length: 100 cm
Diameter: 5,0 mm
Material: nylon, steel
Type: Article
Colour: black, grey
Colour designation: coolgrey
Weight: 0,55 kg
EAN 4250311338422