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CONTEC Scheibenbremsbelag DiscStop+ CBP-645

CONTEC Disc Brake Pad DiscStop+ CBP-645

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Product information "CONTEC Disc Brake Pad DiscStop+ CBP-645"
Excellent deceleration, with only a minimal reduction in braking power over time. The extremely popular disc brake pad "DiscStop+" by CONTEC provides for this advantage. The reason for this is the optimised pad compounds. They provide the best possible performance in any situation.

Especially in downhill or in freeriding, where things get wild and the rider brakes into curves particularly hard and aggressively, the brake pads wear down quickly. At the latest, if less than one millimetre of pad is left, replacement must be made quickly. But even when used for daily riding, everyone should make sure that there is always enough of the brake pad left. "DiscStop+" reliably fulfils its purpose and makes a considerable contribution to safety.

The brake pad is available in many different specifications. The choice between organic pads and sintered models is important. The great advantage of an organic disc brake pad is that it continues to perform even at low temperatures. It is therefore ideally suited for all-weather use. In contrast, sintered metal brake pads only reach their full performance at high temperatures. Consequently, "DiscStop+" with organic pads heat up less and also do not squeak when wet. If the pad is sintered, however, there is the advantage of longer durability.

"DiscStop+" has an integrated wear indicator so that the wear of the brake pad can be read reliably and quickly.
The brake pad is a perfect all-rounder that works in every type of application.
Technical data
Design: disc brake
Model name: CBP-645
For brand: Promax
For model: DSK
Brake pad material: organic
Type: Article
Colour: blue, grey
Weight: 0,03 kg
EAN 4250311373560