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CONTEC Handlebar Mito 45

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Grip width

Handlebar clamp

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Product information "CONTEC Handlebar Mito 45"
It is often underestimated, but it contributes a significant part to whether your next tour will be a pain or not: the handlebar. The Mito 45 from CONTEC is a handlebar with a width of 560mm. It is made of lightweight aluminum. The handlebar clamping is 25,4mm.
The Backsweep of 5° allows you to grip the handlebar more ergonomically than one without this bend. The Backsweep describes the handlebar bend in the direction of the saddle and is to avoid the overstretching of the hands as well as the upper body. The more backsweep, the more relaxed the seating position. And just as the other way around.
Technical data
Handlebar clamp: 25,4 mm
Grip width: 560 mm
Material: aluminium
Type: Article
Colour: black
EAN 4251507966948