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CONTEC Saddle Anatomic 2 - City Light ladies

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Product information "CONTEC Saddle Anatomic 2 - City Light ladies"
The CONTEC city/touring saddle "Anatomic 2 - City Light" is made of PU foam and is equipped with a comfort gel insert. It is important to note that the inside of the saddle is vacuum-sealed and is 100% waterproof as a result. The patented D2 (Double-Density) design, with a density twice as high as normal, contributes to exceptional comfort. The very light and resistant core shell made of plastic with inserts made of rubber helps dampen the contact zones.

Another advantage is the "O-Zone cut-out". This is integrated in the saddle shell and reduces the pressure load on the pubic bone and prostate. The saddle is made of synthetic leather and is equipped with elastomers. It is supported by a steel frame. The dimensions are 278 x 168 mm for the men's saddle and 262 x 189 mm for the women's model. The saddle can be ordered in different colours.
Technical data
Sex: ladies
Application: city & trekking
Spring: elastomer
Seatpost mount: micro-adjust
Cover material: synthetic leather
Rails material: steel
Features: gel, cutout, lowering, waterproof cover
Length: 262 mm
Width: 189 mm
Material: synthetic leather
Type: Article
Colour: black
Weight: 0,49 kg