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CONTEC Saddle Volare City EL

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The "Volare City EL" by CONTEC offers excellent comfort in all seating positions. Thanks to its... more
Product information "CONTEC Saddle Volare City EL"
The "Volare City EL" by CONTEC offers excellent comfort in all seating positions. Thanks to its chromium-molybdenum (CrMo) frame, this saddle weighs just 470 g and is nevertheless robust and ready to carry weight.

But the highlight is its "3Zone comfortPlus" system: It is divided into a dense padded zone, a soft comfort zone and a flat sports zone. While the padded zone in the rear of the saddle is intended for upright, fatigue-free seating, the soft comfort zone is suitable for relieving the buttock if necessary. The flat sports zone in the front saddle area allows for a dynamic, more stretched position on the bicycle.
So every rider finds the right, comfortable position for themselves.

By the way, the padding of the "Volare City EL" consists of permanently elastic cold foam. This offers the advantage of a low weight. Moreover, it hardly stores heat, so that the saddle quickly cools down again even after intense sunlight and provides for a pleasant feeling.

In addition, this saddle is equipped with elastomer damping. This reduces the pressure on the buttocks and thus increases comfort.
Furthermore, this model is a unisex saddle, with which both men and women can ride comfortably.
So if you are looking for a saddle for various applications, the "Volare City EL" by CONTEC is the right choice.
Technical Data "CONTEC Saddle Volare City EL"
Sex: unisex
Application: City & Trekking
Spring: elastomer
Seatpost mount: micro-adjust
Rails material: CrMo (stainless steel)
Length: 245 mm
Width: 205 mm
Material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Type: Article
Colour: black
Weight: 0,47 kg