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CONTEC Ausstellungsständer Bike Slinger

CONTEC Display Stand Bike Slinger

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  • 4250311333649
Product information "CONTEC Display Stand Bike Slinger"
When all the demands are met, only satisfaction remains. The "Bike Slinger" stand brings with it everything necessary for the successful presentation of bicycles. One thing stands out in particular: Its versatility. In this way, it is possible to display completely different bikes and situations. Incorrect use is hard, because the "Bike Slinger" is extremely easy to operate.

The spring arm of the stand and the 3-point contact between the bicycle and the stand ensure that the bike is stable. "Bike Slinger" is suitable for both the front wheel and the rear wheel. The stand weighs 2 kg.
Technical data
Design: show stand
Material: plastic, steel
Type: Article
Colour: black
Weight: 2,36 kg
EAN 4250311333649