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CONTEC Griff Ergo Exclusiv +

CONTEC Grip Ergo Exclusiv +

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Product information "CONTEC Grip Ergo Exclusiv +"
In addition to the saddle and handlebars, the right grips are also crucial for a healthy seating position. The CONTEC grip "Ergo Exclusiv +" has been developed to meet the needs of the hands when on a bicycle. The optimised grip ergonomics prevent the wrists from buckling when weight is put on them, thus preventing fatigue and allowing more control.

This special D3 three-component grip made of 3 different rubber compounds ensures good shock absorption: The middle compound in the front of the grip gives the fingers secure hold, the soft, rear section of the grip absorbs shocks and vibrations from bumpy roads. The hard core in the inside ensures a firm connection between the grip and the handlebar. In addition, the simple clamp with Allen bolt enables easy alignment of the grips and prevents twisting.

The CONTEC grip "Ergo Exclusiv +" is available with a high-quality leather cover in the colours coffee, gravy and honey. This product is perfect for those who do not want to compromise on style and ergonomics.
Technical data
Mounting: left and right (pair)
Length: 135 mm
Form: ergonomisch
Technology: Triple Density
Material: leather
Type: Article
Colour: black
Colour designation: coffee
Weight: 0,19 kg
EAN 4250311354095