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CONTEC Saddle Volare Trekking

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Product information "CONTEC Saddle Volare Trekking"
If you want to be relaxed on a trekking bike, you need a comfortable saddle, especially for longer rides. CONTEC offers exactly that with the "Volare Trekking". With this it is easy to be comfortable in all seating positions.

In order to guarantee the above mentioned comfort, this trekking saddle has padding with a system. This is divided into 3 zones. At the front is a sports zone, which is ideal for a dynamic, forward-leaning position on the bike.
Behind it is a soft comfort zone, which is perfectly suited to relieve the buttocks. This is followed by a dense padded zone for upright, particularly fatigue-free riding. Thus, comfort is offered for every need and every posture on the bicycle.

By the way, the padding of the "Volare Trekking" consists of cold foam. This material offers the advantages that it is permanently elastic and at the same time very light. In addition, cold foam has excellent thermal conductivity properties: This means that the saddle cover cools down quickly even after intense sunlight. So you can take bicycle rides with this saddle even on hot summer days.

The "Volare Trekking" is available in both men's and women's versions. The men's model is a little longer than the women's version.
With it, CONTEC offers a bicycle saddle, so that one is prepared for all situations while on a trekking bike. You benefit from type-appropriate comfort.
Technical data
Sex: gents
Range of application: city & trekking
Suspension: no spring
Seatpost diameter from: micro-adjust
Rails material: CrMo (stainless steel)
Max. load capacity: 150,0 kg
Length: 272 mm
Width: 170 mm
Material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Type: Article
Colour: black
Weight: 0,40 kg
EAN 4251507919401