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CONTEC Kette Classic Singlespeed

CONTEC Chain Classic Singlespeed

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Product information "CONTEC Chain Classic Singlespeed"
A chain is a chain - but it should be a good one. The CONTEC chain "Classic Singlespeed", including a master link, meets all the requirements of a high-quality, long-lasting bicycle chain.

The "Classic Singlespeed" in a black and black colour combination with its 112 links is very robust and reliable. The 1/2 x 3/32" chain links are suitable for narrow singlespeed sprockets. They guarantee a quiet and low-friction drivetrain.

Good care is recommended in order to make the best use of the performance of this high-quality spare part. The "Classic Singlespeed" tolerates all greases and also wax or silicone. The cleaning can be carried out with ordinary aids such as a toothbrush and a cleaning cloth.

The "Classic Singlespeed" by CONTEC is the right chain for all bikers who value light weight and quality.
Technical data
Shifting type: internal gear shifting, single speed
Width: 8,75 mm
Division: 1/2"
Width in inch: 1/8"
Amount of chain links: 112 pcs.
Incl. connecting link: yes
Material: steel
Type: Article
Colour: black
Weight: 0,38 kg
EAN 4250311300085