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CONTEC Kette Green Power

CONTEC Chain Green Power

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Amount of chain links

112 St.

Width in inch

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  • 4250311301341
Product information "CONTEC Chain Green Power"
Cycling is already something for the environmentally conscious, but with the CONTEC "GreenPower" Singlespeed bicycle chain, which has an environmentally friendly anti-rust coating, this can be done even more consistently.

Because even in production and maintenance, bikes should be as friendly to the environment as possible. The titanium grey "GreenPower" Singlespeed meets this requirement with its integrated rust protection made of environmentally friendly material.

The chain with 112 links including a master link is already coated with an anti-rust coating. This saves work, material and nerves during maintenance. Just clean occasionally with a cloth and remove stubborn dirt with a toothbrush. Grease it with wax, oil or silicone and the next ride can be tackled - even in wet weather, without worrying about rust development.

The "GreenPower" Singlespeed bike chain in an elegant titanium grey is a must-have for any environmentally conscious biker who values the design, quality and longevity of bicycles and spare parts.
Technical data
Shifting type: internal gear shifting, single speed
Width: 8,75 mm
Division: 1/2"
Width in inch: 1/8"
Amount of chain links: 112 pcs.
Anti-rust coating: yes
Incl. connecting link: yes
Material: steel
Type: Article
Colour: grey
Weight: 0,41 kg
EAN 4250311301341