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CONTEC Kette Heavy Duty

CONTEC Chain Heavy Duty

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Amount of chain links

112 St.

Width in inch

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  • 4250311376325
Product information "CONTEC Chain Heavy Duty"
Sometimes you need more - even on your the bike! The chain is particularly stressed on modern electric cargo bikes with powerful mid-motors and internally geared hubs, as well as in the case of fixies and singlespeed bikes being used in a harsh urban environment.

The CONTEC "Heavy Duty" chain offers more performance and improved durability with excellent smoothness in all situations thanks to reinforced pins and links, especially at high load and high torque. The CONTEC "Heavy Duty" chain is available in silver and black as well as in 1/2" x 1/8" and 1/2" x 3/32” versions with 112 links each.

Due to its excellent properties under intense conditions, this singlespeed chain is particularly suitable for those who subject their drivetrain to heavy loads. This means that no compromises are made in terms of durability and safety under heavy load - for example as a commuter on a daily commute to work, in courier service or on long bicycle tours.
Technical data
Shifting type: internal gear shifting, single speed
Width: 8,85 mm
Division: 1/2"
Width in inch: 1/8"
Amount of chain links: 112 pcs.
Incl. connecting link: yes
Material: steel
Type: Article
Colour: black, silver
Weight: 0,40 kg
EAN 4250311376325