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CONTEC Glocke Classic Ding 22,2 mm

CONTEC Bell Classic Ding 22,2 mm

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Product information "CONTEC Bell Classic Ding 22,2 mm"
With a trendy design, a bright-sounding ring: CONTEC has designed its "Classic Bing" bicycle bell for this very reason. The brass it's made of of gives the bicycle bell a trendy retro look and a sleek design. This makes the "Classic Bing" an eye-catcher.

With the bright sounding "Ding", this bicycle bell is loud enough to make other road users safely aware of you.
The classic bell has 47 mm Ø and is designed for handlebars with the standard clamping of 22.2 mm Ø.
The volume also ensures that this bicycle bell is loudly heard. In addition, the vintage character gives it a special charm.
Technical data
Design: standard bell
Handlebar clamp: 22,2 mm
Material: brass
Type: Article
Colour: gold
Weight: 0,04 kg
EAN 4251507902885