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CONTEC Schlaufenkabel PowerLoc

CONTEC Loop Cable PowerLoc

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10,0 mm


120 cm
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  • 4250311341491
Product information "CONTEC Loop Cable PowerLoc"
Power: The name of the product is the game. The CONTEC loop cable "PowerLoc" is a strong companion for those who want to individually secure their bike and reliably protect it from thieves.

The steel cable scores with its highly resistant material. Thieves grind their teeth, cutting tools bend. With a diameter of 10 mm, the steel cable is very robust. It securely attaches each bike to the desired location. This cable can also be used to wrap several times if a bicycle is to be locked up tightly to a pole or similar object.

Despite all the stability, the cable remains flexible. This allows several types of mounting.
Good to know: The two loops of the steel cable fit together. In this way, the maximum length can be used optimally. It is not possible to bend the loops, because they are securely held in place by an additional steel cap.

Another highlight of this CONTEC steel cable, which is completely held in discreet black, is the coating with durable vinyl. The smooth surface protects your hands. In addition, vinyl is waterproof - a reliable corrosion protection for the steel cable. Damage to the bicycle is also prevented by the soft and flexible vinyl.

Thanks to its universal design, the cable can also be used as a protective device for objects other than the bicycle. With a tested security level 6 on a scale of 1 to 10, this steel cable can take it. It is reliable protection for your bike.
Technical data
Design: plug-in cable / chain
System: CONTEC
Locking type: key
Safety: normal
Length: 120 cm
Diameter: 10,0 mm
Material: plastic, steel
Type: Article
Colour: black
Weight: 0,28 kg
EAN 4250311341491