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CONTEC Vario Seatpost Brut Vario

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400,0 mm

Adjusting range

100 mm
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  • 4250311318035
Product information "CONTEC Vario Seatpost Brut Vario"
The right seatpost is just as important as a good saddle. Those who frequently ride bumpy tracks on an MTB know: For optimum riding comfort and fun, a fast dropper post is indispensable - a dropper post with which you can flexibly react to the terrain, your riding style and the seating position without having to get off the bike every time. The CONTEC dropper post "Brut Vario", can be easily and quickly installed making it particularly suitable as an upgrade.

With a total length of 400 mm, the dropper post "Brut Vario" can be adjusted continuously by up to 100 mm. This is done easily by means of a lever located directly below the front of the saddle. Operating the lever releases the locking mechanism of the post: With a spring it is automatically moved upwards or can also be pressed downwards. When the lever is released again, the post is as tight and secure as before. This mechanism allows experienced riders to adjust the height of the post even while riding - with just one movement.

With the dropper post "Brut Vario", there is nothing in the way of future rides off-road. It is available in 2 different diameters and can be easily mounted: Since the lever is located directly on the seatpost, there is no need to run an additional cable.
Technical data
Design: adjustable seat post
Diameter: 30,9 mm
Length: 400,0 mm
Adjusting range: 100 mm
Material: aluminium
Weight: 1,00 kg
EAN 4250311318035