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CONTEC Kabelschloss NeoLoc

CONTEC Cable Lock NeoLoc

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12,0 mm


60 cm


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  • 4250311338385
Product information "CONTEC Cable Lock NeoLoc"
It is light and fits everywhere: The CONTEC cable lock "NeoLoc". It can be easily wrapped around the frame or seatpost and fits in every backpack. The steel cable, weighing only 200 g, is easy to use. The length of 60 cm and the high flexibility contribute to this. This results in an effortless locking of the bike almost everywhere.

Rain and intense sunlight do not pose any problems for the "NeoLoc", because the silicone cover is weather-proof and UV-resistant. It effectively protects the cable from rust. With a diameter of 12 mm, it is also difficult to place small cutting tools around it.

Supplied with 2 handy turn-keys, which can be inserted into the lock in any position. This eliminates annoying fiddling. Opening the bicycle lock in hard to reach places is therefore quite simple.

The CONTEC cable lock "NeoLoc" is ideal for securing bicycles in everyday life.
Technical data
Design: cable lock
Locking type: key
Safety: normal
Length: 60 cm
Diameter: 12,0 mm
Material: silicone, steel
Type: Article
Colour: green
Colour designation: neogreen
Weight: 0,20 kg
EAN 4250311338385